Who is Lee Byron?

I'm a designer, an artist, a biker, an overachiever and a dreamer. I'm always optimistically biting off more than I can chew and making the best of it. I aspire to create work which inspires and teaches while it entertains.

Read on for my full Curriculum Vitae, or download a PDF Resume.


Carnegie Mellon University May 2008 – 3.71 QPA – University Honors

Bachelor of fine arts in Industrial Design – School Honors
& Bachelor of science in Human Computer Interaction.


Interactive Information Designer Facebook September 2008 – Present

Work with Data Scientists and Designers at Facebook to help understand rich information sets and share social experiences.

Graphics Editor, Intern The New York Times June 2008 – August 2008

Designed and produced information graphics including maps, charts and diagrams to be printed in the New York Times and to be published online at nytimes.com.

Teaching Assistant Carnegie Mellon School of Design August 2006 – December 2007

Assisted teaching Web Design courses Fall 2006, Spring & Fall 2007, Interactive Image, a studio art course in computer science Fall 2007 and The Poetics of Gameplay Spring 2008. Gave lectures to design students on DOM Box Model, CSS, JavaScript, generative animation, and developing gameplay.

Design Researcher, Intern IBM Research, Cambridge May 2007 – August 2007

Designed and implemented a Flash-based information visualization platform for Many Eyes, and two new visualizations utilizing it.

Computational Artist, Freelance Eyebeam May 2007

Designed and implemented a generative motion graphics installation visualizing the actively changing social network of the Eyebeam 10th Anniversary event in a variety of ways.

User Experience Designer, Intern Microsoft Office Design Group May 2006 – August 2006

Prototyped a blue-sky concept version of Outlook based on video game design methods. Learned how to operate within a large organization.

Web & Flash Designer Cassis August 2003 – January 2006

Designed and implemented dynamic websites for a small agency. Learned how to work directly with clients and operate on a fast-paced schedule. Helped enter new market in database-driven web applications.

Sponsored Projects

Pittsburgh Zoo Senior Design Studio Spring 2008

Redesigned the patron's experience of spending time at the zoo. Specifically focused on the Tropical Forest Complex and implementing lighting, ambiently interactive and immersive elements.

General Motors Products in Systems Spring 2007

Developed vernacular and haptic prototypes for future console stereo control. Examined how brand identity would influence product across make and model.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center & Microsoft Service Design Spring 2007

Redesigned the service experience of the UPMC waiting room using technological touchpoints. Traveled to Microsoft to present work as part of the Microsoft Design Challenge.

Calphalon Product Design Fall 2006

Developed a unique tool for grilling to align with a future marketing strategy. Design based on in-depth market and consumer research.

Leed's Meaning of Form Spring 2006

Developed a bag for the urban picnicer, produced working documents for Leed's China prototyping lab.


Center for Creative Inquiry Award Carnegie Mellon – Meeting of the Minds May 2006

Award for interactive installation investigating the emotional interaction between an ambient space and its occupants.

Design Merit Awards Carnegie Mellon School of Design May 2006 & May 2007

Selected by faculty in recognition of outstanding work done for two consecutive school years. One student per major chosen per year.

Solo Exhibition Indianapolis Art Center May 2004 – July 2004

Exhibition set up in the Indianapolis Art Center Cultural Complex chronicling artwork from past years featuring my high school senior project: Shadows, a digital interactive installation.

Editors Choice Award the5k.org August 2002

Award for an entry to a contest to design an interesting webpage in five kilobytes or less. Submitted Bakio, a simulation of digital bacteria which breed and die.

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