Lee Byron

tiltime impact of kids

As part of a recent reflection of my mental health and self care routines, and a desire to tighten up my work/life balance, I tracked how I spend my time over the course of a week. What became most clear was just how much time I spend on childcare of my two young sons (4yo and 1yo).

I repeated this from a typical week a few years ago, before we had our kids, which left a clear high-level comparison of how having kids has impacted the balance of my time.


To add a little bit of color:

I absolutely love my kids, and to be clear I’m thrilled to have the time to spend with them, especially when they’re young. However the impact on how I spend my time is real, and the reduction of time I can invest into myself has taken a toll. I don’t have any immediate ideas of how to recover that time (if you do, I’m all ears!), but the exercise in seeing it was helpful.

Before Kids After Kids
Work 54 hr/wk 47 hr/wk
Sleep 58 hr/wk 42 hr/wk
Social 22 hr/wk 7 hr/wk
Self 34 hr/wk 7 hr/wk
Children 65 hr/wk